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Laser Shows

The outdoor laser show and musical fountain is conducted in the aesthetic amphitheatre at the science park. The objective of the show is to inculcate scientific temper through entertainment. The hightech precision optical system presents a new ocular experience to the visitors. The show consist of both beam effect and screen effect. Special mist and fog arrangements present a three dimensional treat to the spectators. The scientific-theme based shows of evolution and telescopes will also arouse curiosity of the science enthusiasts . The water screen is unique by its own and is the first in Kerala. It is specially designed to project both laser and multimedia.


Monday Holiday
Show Time :- 7.00 pm

Ticket Rates
Adult – Rs. 20/- per head
Child : Rs. 10/- (Below 10 years old) per head
Organised group of Students : Rs.10/- per head

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