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At present museum has ten galleries on various disciplines of Science and technology.

Electrical gallery, Electronics galleries, Popular Science gallery, Mathematical gallery, Mechanical gallery, Automobile gallery, Bio medical engineering gallery, Computer gallery, Solar energy gallery, and Space gallery.

Different exhibits displayed in the Electrical gallery will enable every one to find out how electricity helped man immensely in his material progress.

The Electronics gallery is so arranged as to kindle the inquisitiveness of common man, the students and hobbyists and to teach the principles of electronics.

The insight in to the day to day natural phenomena is provided in the form of exhibits in the Popular Science Gallery.

The Mathematical gallery or the Puzzle Gymnasium brought in to use to provide stimulating and inexhaustible mental exercise.

The scaled down models of different boilers are the main attraction of the Mechanical gallery.

Every one can easily understand the complexity of automobiles from the working models of sectioned automobile engines and accessories exhibited in the Automobile Engineering Gallery.

The Biomedical engineering gallery provides interactive working models of biomedical equipments along with animation graphics on computers and digital announcement system. The gallery gives an excellent picture of the biomedical field to the visitors.

The Computer gallery gives a detailed history on the development of computers. Starting from the oldest form of computers to the latest are displayed here. The visitors can go through each of the same in detail and have an idea of different generations of computers.

The Solar energy gallery is established with the prime aim of creating an awareness of energy conservation. It depicts the uses of different non conventional energy sources, mainly solar energy.

The Space gallery will provide an exciting opportunity to the public for a voyage through the wonders of Space and much beyond.


Timing : 10 am to 5 pm

Ticket rates - Gallery & Park

Adult – Rs.25/- per head
Children : Rs.15/- (Below 10 years old) per head
Organised group of Students : Rs.15/- per head


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