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Conference Hall & Seminar Hall

An air-conditioned seminar hall to accommodate 200 persons is available for the public at the Planetarium block for conducting seminars, science lectures, or any kind of science propagation activities. The hall is equipped with state-of-the art audio-visual equipment, and we have enough space of exhibiting related materials too. Ample parking space is an added advantage for the seminar hall, public can utilize the facility at a daily rent.

A board room to accommodate 25 participants is available at this Museum for conducting board meetings/conferences. This air-conditioned hall with presentation facilities is available for the public on rent of Rs. 3000/- per day.

Air-conditioned Halls Available for Rent

Sl. No Facility For Govt. Organisations For Non - Govt. organisations
1 Seminar Hall - Full Day Rs. 15000 (Rent)+ Rs. 2700(GST) + Rs. 5000(SD) Rs. 20000 (Rent)+ Rs. 3600 (GST) + Rs. 5000 (SD)
2 Seminar Hall - Half Day Rs. 7500 (Rent)+ Rs. 1350 (GST) + Rs. 5000 (SD) Rs. 10000 (Rent)+ Rs. 1800 (GST) + Rs. 5000 (SD)
3 Conference Hall - Full Day Rs. 3000 (Rent)+ Rs. 540 (GST) Rs. 3000 (Rent)+ Rs. 540 (GST)
4 Conference Hall - Half Day Rs. 1500 (Rent)+ Rs. 270 (GST) Rs. 1500 (Rent)+ Rs. 270 (GST)
Seminar Hall - Seating Capacity -200  | Conference Hall- Seating capacity -25  | SD- Refundable Security Deposit
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