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Quotation No - B/1755/12                                                                                                                                            Date. 21/06/2017


Sealed quotations are invited for the works specified in the schedule attached below/overleaf. The rates quoted should be for works at the place mentioned below the schedule. The necessary superscription, due date for the receipt of quotations, the date up to which the rates will have to remain firm for acceptance and the name and address of officer to whom the quotation is to sent are noted below. Any quotation received after the time fixed on the due date is liable to be rejected. The maximum period required for completion of works should also be mentioned. Quotations not stipulating period of firmness and with price variation clause and/or ‘subject to prior sale’ condition are liable to be rejected.

The acceptance of the quotations will be subject to the following conditions:-

1. Withdrawal from the quotation after it is accepted or failure to supply within a specified time or according to specifications will entail cancellation of the order and purchases being made at the office expenses from elsewhere, any loss incurred thereby being payable by the defaulting party. In such an event the KSSTM reserve also the right to remove the defaulter’s name from the list of the KSSTM suppliers permanently or for a specified number of years.

2. No representation for enhancement of price once accepted will be considered during the currency of the contract.

3. Any attempt on the part of bidder or their agents to influence the officers concerned in their favour by personal canvassing will disqualify the bidder.

4. If any license or permit is required, bidder must specify in their quotation and also state the authority to whom application is to be made.

5. The quotation should be for the entire work

6. (a) In cases-where a successful tenderer, after having made partial supplies fails to fulfill the contracts in full, all or any of the works may, at the direction of the purchasing officer be purchased by means of another tender/quotation or by negotiation or from the next higher tenderer who had offered to work already and the loss, if any caused to the KSSTM shall thereby together with such sums as may be fixed by the KSSTM towards damages be recovered from the defaulting tenderer.

(c) Any some of money, due and payable to the contractor under this contract may be appropriated by KSSTM and set-off against any claim of the Purchasing Officer or Government for the payment of a sum of money arising out of or under any other contract made by the Contractor with KSSTM or any other person authorized by KSSTM. The rates quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, duties, cesses etc which are or may become payable by the Contractor under existing laws or rules of the country of origin/supply or delivery during the course of execution of the contract.

7. (a) Payments will be made only after the works are actually verified and certified by the Officer in charge. Bank charge incurred in connection with payment against documents through bank will be to the account of the contractor. The firms will produce stamped pre-receipted invoices in all cases where payments (advance/final) releases of railway receipts/shipping documents are made through banks. In exceptional cases where stamped receipts of the firms are not received for the payments (in advance) the unstamped receipt of the Bank) alone may be accepted as a valid proof for the payment made.

for the charge. Bank cheques incurred inpayments (advance/final) for releases of railway receipts/shipping documents are made through banks.

(b) The tenderers shall quote also the percentage of rebate (discount) offered by them in case the payment is made promptly within fifteen days/within one month of taking delivery of stores.

8. Any sum of money due and payable to the successful bidder from KSSTM shall be adjusted against any sum of money due to KSSTM from him under any other contract.

9. Special conditions, if any, printed on the quotation sheets of the tenderer or attached with the tender will not be applicable to the bid unless they are expressly accepted in writing by the purchaser.

Superscription: Quotation No: B/1755/12

Due date and time for receipt of quotations: - 22/06/2017, 3 PM

Date and time for opening of quotations: - 22/06/2017, 4 PM

Date up to which the rates are to remain firm for acceptance: - 22/09/2017

Designation and address of officer to whom the quotation is to be addressed: Director, Kerala State Science and Technology Museum,Vikasbhavan PO, Thiruvananthapurram. 695033.

Specification of the item is given in the annexure to this notice.

Place: Trivandrum

Date: 21/06/17

Contractor D I R E C T O R

Specification of the item

Item No.

Description of Item








9 mm (±0.25) PVC Panel with wooden shade; supported with 1.5” x 1” Aluminum rectangular Pipe having 1mm thickness (±10%). Stay to be provided with 3’ distance. Material to be used for stay 1”X1” GI angle having 0.35mm (±10%) thickness.



The contractor requested to visit the site before quoting the rate since it is an inclined roof building

Note : The rates quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, duties, cess, labour charges, service taxes, labour welfare fund etc.





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